Elm Leisure Pool Supplies

When it comes to swimming pools in Cambridge one of the most commonly asked questions is whether chlorine pool supplies are better than salt water in swimming pools. The argument for saltwater pools is that they contain fewer chemicals and they are cheaper. So how come chlorine swimming pools still dominate the area? Because putting chlorine in your swimming pool has several advantages over salt.

The most important one is that chlorine will kill many things that saltwater cannot. It prevents buildup in the pool that could lead to conditions such as swimmer’s ear, athlete’s foot, rashes on the skin and even diarrhea. In fact, if you have a chlorine swimming pool and you catch any of these diseases it is high time you called in the maintenance man – your chlorine levers are low.

Some people complain that there is too much chlorine in the pool because after they swim they have red eyes and a dry skin. The reason why you get these symptoms is because some of the ingredients in chlorine don’t mix well with some commonly used ingredients in lotions and other body products. The best way to stop this from happening is to take a quick shower before you get into the pool.

Are all chlorine suppliers the same or can I buy from any?

This is an excellent question since there are quite a number of chlorine suppliers in Cambridge. The truth is that not all suppliers are the same. You want to find a supplier who will provide a well-rounded solution. He should be able to provide the chlorine as well as other chemicals such as pool alkali, pool acid, shock products, algae controllers and more.

It is not enough for them to provide these things – they should also be able to clean your pool and make sure that it is safe to swim in. It is best if you can find a chlorine supplier with whom you can work with in the long run.

Price also matters; there are some suppliers who are expensive not because they provide a more superior product but only because they are used to working for high-end clientele. Don’t throw away your money because there are vendors who offer very competitive pricing.

Plant & Skip Hire in the UK

You have decided to move out of your old Cambridge home into a new one; everything that you need is packed and ready and you want to throw out everything that you don’t need. The problem is that it is so much that it cannot fit into your regular bins. You don’t want to dump it outside – it is unsafe and it will also not fair to your neighbors. Fortunately, you can get rid of the problem by hiring a Cambridge skip hire company.

A skip is like a dustbin only larger and without a lid. It is loaded onto the back of a truck, delivered at your home for you to fill with rubbish and then taken away at a pre-agreed time. Disposing your waste in this way is not only cost effective and time saving, it is also the responsible for you because skip hire companies are required to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way.

If you look online you will see that there are quite a number of skip hire companies. You may decide to go with the first one that you come across – after all, a kip is a skip, right? Not really; skip hire companies are not all the same. There are some that are much better than others. Here is what you should be looking for:

• Look for a skip hire Suffolk company that has different sizes of skips – the bigger the skip the more you pay and you don’t want to pay for room that you don’t need. Skip companies are quite happy to advise clients on the size of skip they need – just tell them your location and they will come around, look at the amount of rubbish and then help you choose the right skip. It is important to note that if you fill a skip to the brim the skip hire company cannot haul it away because there is a risk that items will fly off the top when they are on the road.

• If you don’t have a yard large enough to hold a skip you need to get a permit so that you can park it on the sidewalk. As you can imagine, getting a permit may require you to negotiate some red tape. Fortunately, there are Cambridge skip companies that are happy to get permits for their clients. If you will need a permit make sure to confirm that the company can get one for you.

Driving Instructor Training & Courses

More and more people are choosing to become driving instructors; it is a great way to have a change of career (or the start of one) and it pays well and gives you independence from employers. To become an Approved Driving Instructor, or ADI, you have to undertake very specific training and be tested at the end of it. Before we look at what the training entails, let us look at who is qualified to become an ADI.

• You have to be more than 21 years of age.

• You have to have held a full driver’s license for the last 3 years.

• You should never have been disqualified from driving in the UK and your driver’s license should not have more than 6 penalty points.

• You must pass a CRB check.

• You should be a fit and proper person according to the DVSA.

The training course

As we said, you need specific training to become a diving instructor and the course comes in 3 parts. Part 1 is ADI theory and here, you learn the basis of driving instruction. At the end, you will be required to take a test that is divided between multiple choice and hazard perception. In hazard perception, you will be taken out on the road by your instructor and he will see how well you deal with hazards when you are driving. You have to pass both tests in order to proceed to part 2.

Part 2 is all about testing your driving skills. It is very much like a regular driving instructors course, but it is longer and there are more challenges. Your instructor comes with you on the road and his job is to make sure that your driving is good enough that you can instruct another person. You will be trained for 10 hours after which you are then tested on the road to see whether your driving is up to scratch. You have to pass part 2 in order to go to part 3.

Part 3 is also about testing your driving skills. Your instructor will select 2 different locations for 2 half hour driving tests. He will also be asking you questions in the process and assessing your ability to deal with mistakes. This is the final part and it is here that you will be graded so that you become an ADI. The highest grade that you can get is a 6 which is Excellent. 5 is Good and 4 is Adequate. These are the only grades that allow people to become ADI’s. The whole course takes 5 months and many people pass without much difficulty.

Cost of Operating Direct Debits UK

Direct debit is basically a transaction that involves having the payer instructing their bank to debit their account and deposit the amount to a given account belonging to a company as a form of payment for a service. Direct payment has been hailed as having a lot of benefits for both businesses and customers. Businesses that benefit most from this automated payment include insurance and mobile phone service companies. Others are television/broadband providers and banks of course. But, few people pause to wonder how much the direct debit service providers charge them for the convenience they offer. Here is a breakdown of how much you are likely to pay for direct debit services:


To begin with, a business usually has three options available for using the direct debit scheme. These include through a bank, a Gocardless or direct debit bureau. Each business can choose according to its size and its requirements.  A direct access is most suitable for large companies that want to manage direct debit collection internally. This way, the company submits directly into the direct debit system. The main advantage of using this route is that the business will spend relatively low transaction fees as compared to other methods.


The downside is that the system is complex and it requires substantial resource to operate it since it needs about three employees to oversee it. The business must first apply to its bank before it becomes a certified direct submitter and issued with a service user number. The bank will grant permission if the business proves that it has a solid financial standing and efficient administration that will meet the direct debit scheme regulations. Once the business has met all the requirements and has been issued with a BACs certified software, it will end up spending about £15000 yearly.


Alternatively, if a company does not wish to go to all the trouble of submitting directly, they may opt to submit indirectly. This can happen through outsourcing to a commercial company that deals with such services. These may include Direct Debit bureau and GoCardless companies. These companies may either use the bureau’s SUN or their own SUN. Eazypay is one such company that can submit the payments on behalf of your company. A direct debit bureau may charge your company setup fee of between £400 and £800, a minimum monthly fee of £30, and transaction charges of between £0.20 and £0.50. Additionally, you will be charged £5 for every submission, £1 for each mandate as well as penalties for unpaid payments.


GoCardless can also be an ideal option for your business because is easy and cheap. It only charges a transaction fee of 1%.  It is an online specialist that carries out all direct debit operations on your behalf. Moreover, customers also have to pay £36 for mobile phone services, £40 for television/broadband services, £ 23 for home insurance and £ 38 for car insurance.


Best Dental Implants in Richmond

are as qualified and as experienced to provide excellent cosmetic work on your teeth. Here are specific things that you should look for.
1. Although there are no particular qualifications needed to become a cosmetic dentist in the UK, you should find someone who has a dentist’s qualifications. They should have a BDS or BChD. They should also be registered with the General Dental Council or the British Dental Association. Some cosmetic dentists who want to set themselves apart are registered with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
2. Find out what previous patients have to say. Some cosmetic dentists keep a visitors book that they can show to clients who are considering them for their cosmetic dentist jobs. Alternatively, you can look online and see if there are any forums that discuss cosmetic dentistry in Richmond. See if there are some dentists who are particularly praised; they are probably the ones you should go with.
3. Find out if they have a portfolio. This is a collection of work that they have done before in the form of before and after photos. It helps you to assess whether they can do the kind of cosmetic dental work that you require.
4. It is very important that they have the right bedside manner. Having dental work done, cosmetic or otherwise, makes many people very nervous. If you fall in this group, you need to find a Richmond cosmetic dental practice that works to reassure their clients. You can tell this by how they receive you, how they explain procedures to you and also what people have said about their experience; you can check for that online.
5. You need to find a dentist who accepts the kind of payment option that you will be using. Not all Richmond dental implants experts will take cash, cheques or insurance. They may be limited as to the kind of payments they accept.
6. You must find a dentist who uses computer technology to do their job. The most basic is equipment that scans your teeth as they are now and then shows you an image of what you can expect after the dental work is done. This gives you the chance to explain exactly what you want done. The image may not be 100% accurate but it is always pretty close to what you will get.
7. Get a dentist who makes you feel relaxed and whom you feel you can trust with your needs.
8. It is very important that you get a dentist who gives guarantees. What, for instance, if the work that he is going to do comes off within 2 or 3 years? Can he do it again for free?
These 8 qualities will guide you to the right cosmetic dentist in Richmond. If you get a good job done, let other people who may benefit from cosmetic dentistry know.

Boarding Schools for Easter Revision

CCSS Easter Revisions programs are designed to help students excel in their learning capabilities. This is done by identifying problem areas, while helping students enhance their skills. With industry-leading professionals and instructors, CCSS is synonymous with excellence in education on all levels. While some students are naturally gifted, others simply need to tap into their stronger skills to secure better learning and grades. The a level Easter Revision courses help expands students’ horizons, while building their abilities and confidence levels to boost grades and results.

Subject Specialists

CCSS Easter Revision classes are taught by highly experienced and qualified subject specialists. These experts help student overcome and educational obstacles or hurdles that are hindering optimal performance. As specialists in revisions programs, teachers specialize in a myriad of courses guaranteed to helps students foster greater growth and course mastery. This includes full GCSE, AS, A2 specifications, along with mathematics and science. Students can take a range or courses or just specific revision classes based on their needs and criteria.

Can All Students Attend?

Yes, the CCSS Easter Revision courses are designed for any student seeking to advance his or her education. While they must be current students at school or college, these best boarding schools UK courses are for those that want to take certain exams this summer. As a result, students that will take the GCSE, AS, or 2 Level exams in 2015 should apply. These students will work through a “Directed Revisions Plan”, which is designed in small tuition groups. Each student also receives an individual assessment and analysis every day of the course. This includes timely and effective support, along with interaction in small and convenient group environments. This secures a more personalized experience, along with better focus and course comprehension for students.

Expect the Best

While students can expect the best at CCSS, the road to success is not one way. Students must have the drive, motivation, and commitment to meet their goals across the board. As an accredited institution of higher learning, Cambridge is truly committed to excellence in education. This means they go those extra miles to help students secure productivity and performance. To ensure lasting results, however, students must utilize all the services available to illuminate their minds and gain valuable knowledge. No matter their majors or minors, all students are given the roadmap to success. This, of course, is via hard work and never letting opportunities escape them. With great teachers and personalized classes, it is simply up to the students to take advantage of their time at CCSS.

Fantastic Hypnotherapy in Ely

For many in Ely, hypnotherapy is for crackpots, the kind who go, “you are getting sleepy…”. In truth, hypnotherapy is an important clinical procedure that is used alongside other therapies and it can be beneficial in different ways. It is supposed to be carried out only by trained and certified professionals and it is all about making the mind concentrate in order to function more powerfully. It works by transferring people into a trance-like state during which time they are open to the power of suggestion. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to gain with Ely hypnotherapy:

•    It is very useful in treating addictions be they to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and even food. Addiction is usually a result of uncontrollable behavior – even if the person wants to stop they find themselves pulled back in time and time again. Hypnotherapy is helpful because it helps the brain regain the willpower that is lost when one is an addict.

•    Hypnotherapy is great at helping people lose weight. In fact, studies have shown that it is 30% more helpful than going on a diet. It works in two ways: it helps you regain control so that you can stop overeating and eating the wrong foods and it also helps you feel motivated to stay healthy. It is recommended that if you are going to start a diet you combine it with hypnotherapy for maximum effect.

•    Studies in Sweden have shown that people who are hypnotized right before sleep slept better than those who were not. The great thing about this is that it there is no need for sleeping ills which can have adverse side effects.

•    Hypnosis has been proven to treat IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Studies showed that IBS sufferers who got hypnotized for one hour every day for 12 weeks reported an improvement in their symptoms. The effect can be felt for up to seven years.

•    A study was done among menopausal women to find out whether hypnosis helped with hot flashes. Some of the women were to receive hypnosis and the rest were to see a clinician about their hot flashes. Results showed that that those who received hypnosis had their hot flashes lowered by 74%. Those who saw a doctor experienced only a 17% drop.

•    Hypnosis has been studied extensively when it comes to its ability to manage pain successfully. It can be useful when dealing with chronic cancer pain, arthritis and other painful conditions. That said, very few doctors use it and amongst those who do, there is no standard way of doing it.

Private Schools in Suffolk, UK

When you have children you want the best possible upbringing in their education to assure healthy development. When children are confident and happy they develop into more mature and reasonable adults that tend to be more successful.

One of the best private schools in the Suffolk, UK area is Stoke College. An independent private school Suffolk for children aged 3-16, Stoke College is one of those places children look forward to attending with a curriculum designed to suit each of their personal needs.

The Stoke College Difference

The faculty at Stoke College understands that every child is different. In order to provide the best education possible for students, they provide individual attention to enhance their talents and individual learning styles.

By providing a down to earth approach that is non-elitist and unpretentious, students feel comfortable enough to learn at their own pace without falling behind because they feel out of place. The result is a more confident, successful, and capable young adult ready to tackle life’s challenges.

Instilling Traditional and Christian Values

Stoke College is an inclusive and non-denominational facility that embraces traditional and Christian values. These include values such as kindness, commitment, and the importance in caring for the community.

The goal is to work individually with each student to produce young people who are:

·      Well mannered and respectful of others and their beliefs

·      Tolerant and understanding of peoples differences

·      Have a strong desire to learn

·      Good communicators with everybody

·      Ready to accept responsibility

·      Have a positive self-image

·      Have the skills to conquer a fast changing world

By teaching these values along with a thorough education, students develop into more respectable and well-rounded adults. By modeling a learning curriculum around their individual learning behaviors and awarding those students who display the values taught by the school, they can easily develop into the proper adult you always wished they would become.

What Parents Want

When you want a school that will give your child the attention and commitment they deserve, finding help through a private education is your best bet. With a dedication to the belief that a child’s ability can be raised through teaching a curriculum that addresses the schools and parents needs, there is no better way to ensure an education you can be proud of.

Find out more about what a private education at a school such as Stoke College in Suffolk, UK can do for your child as soon as possible.

Tree Surgeons: Bedfordshire Services

The growing need to preserve trees and keep them healthy and good looking has made the job of tree surgeons in Bedfordshire even more important. A lot of people find it pleasurable to get closer to nature and trees that look healthy and green give them the best opportunity to do that. However, one of the main concerns you may have at the moment is to get a tree surgeon to work with. Of course it’s so difficult to keep trees preserved without the expertise of a tree surgeon. However, don’t worry though because if you are in Bedfordshire, there are some very good tree surgeons you can work with. The following are some of the best things you can expect from tree surgeons in Bedfordshire:

Quality Tree Preservation

Some of the best tree surgeons in Bedfordshire have simply perfected the art of tree preservation. If you are looking to restore or maintain the health and aesthetic look of your trees, you can rest assured that the tree surgeons in Bedfordshire will have a solution that meets your needs. Catering for trees is not easy and the expertise tree surgeons in Bedfordshire offer can really go a long way in making this a reality.

Outstanding Passion in Tree Care

It is very difficult to achieve anything without passion and enthusiasm. When it comes to tree preservation, any tree surgeon will not do. You need to find someone who is not only an expert in tree preservation but also a professional who is enthusiastic about trees and nature in general. This is exactly what you get from a tree surgeon in Bedford – a strong passion and enthusiasm towards nature and trees in general.

Most Modern Tree Preservation Techniques

Taking care of trees is not something you can do without understanding all the changing techniques and trends in tree preservation. The best tree surgeons are always up to date with the latest trends in tree preservation and even in Bedfordshire it’s not any different. If you are looking for a tree surgeon that has the latest tree preservation techniques, you can be sure that Bedfordshire offers you the best of the best. Besides, such Bedfordshire tree surgeons are easy to find and hire; so it should be easy to get quality tree preservation.

The Best Price

At first, tree surgeon services may look very expensive but in Bedfordshire, there is a reprieve for you. The cost of tree preservation in this great town is not only affordable but also very realistic. So it’s so easy to afford the best tree surgeon for all the needs you have.

Tree Speci?c Limited are experienced tree surgeons in Bedfordshire and are specialized in top notch tree care with genuine interest in conservation of the local trees. From managing your existing tree problems to helping prevent future ones, they will assist you in restoring and maintaining the health of your trees.

Great details about 12V Heating and what these heaters can provide

There are a lot of different potential applications for 12v heating systems. Here’s a guide about exactly how these systems are useful and in what contexts, including how to use them in some cases.


12v heating systems are practically ideal for cars. The reason for this is due to the fact that they are so portable. You have to get the right kind of 12v heating, however. Essentially, you should try and make sure that the heater you get has a jack that can fit into the cigarette lighter area in a car. This is a 12-volt energy supply, and it can be used to power a 12v electric heater system designed for it.

This approach is ideal in situations where your car heating has failed for whatever reason. It’s also ideal in situations where you just need a little heating, or where you need more flexible heating. For example, perhaps your heating system doesn’t reach the back of the car very effectively. Doing it this way will allow you to extend the portable heater to the back seat and mount it wherever you want in order to bring heat to that area.

Small Rooms

You may need a special adaptor to adapt the system to a normal plug, but 12-volt adapters are readily available in just about any store that sells that kind of thing. These heaters are effective at helping to heat up small rooms without spending too much energy. They are also so small that they can make it so that you don’t have to expend a lot of effort when you’re moving from one location to the other all the time.

A lot of other heating systems can be over heavy and make it so that it’s a major hassle to get the systems moved between rooms where you need them. If you use a portable system like a 12v heater, then this becomes much easier overall.


Another area where a heating system could help is on boats. Boats often have small rooms below decks, which could be ideal for small portable heating systems like one for 12 volts. In addition, they could also help make conditions on the deck considerably more bearable with a little heat that heats up a small area around wherever you want to take the edge off. The key is to make sure you have the right adapters for whatever your boat uses for electricity.

In some cases you may be able to get 12 volt systems that have their own batteries, or else you could hook them up to other batteries on the boat that could provide the necessary power to keep you warm enough. The important thing is to make sure that the system is secure enough due to the fact that you don’t want it falling overboard anytime soon. This should be easy with the right mounts.